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The Rising Dovetail Learn to cut the rising dovetail and how it can be implemented in your project designs.

The Mysterious Blind Mitered Dovetail Learn how to cut the blind mitered dovetail, its simply a dovetail joint with 2 sets of pins.

A Better Way to Flatten a Board By Hand! When every board is unique following a process to flatten a board by hand makes no sense. Spot plane away the high spots to get flatter,…

Making Duplicate Parts by Hand is really just about working to a line

An Introductory Hand Tool Woodworking Course Build a Workbench, Gather the Starting Tools You Need, Build a Tool Box to Hold them all Build Skills that will launch a lifelong love of Hand Tool Woodworking

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Using a specific Resawing Frame Saw makes the process of resawing fast and efficient without the capacity limitations that come with the average bandsaw.  Whether you need to turn a thicker board into 2 thinner…