Hand Plane a Twisted Board

The best thing to do with a heavily twisted board is to put it back on the rack at the lumber yard and find a flatter one.  This isn't always possible though and into every shop some wicked twist will come.  The fastest way to remove twist is with a saw and just cutting it off.  But diagnosing exactly where the twist is and how bad can sometimes be like chasing your tail.  

In this lesson I show you how to systematically break down the board and diagnose the twist to build a strategy for removing the minimal amount of wood to eliminate even the worst twist.

hand plane a twisted board

In this 14 minute HD video, (edited from an Apprentice Session) I use only a Jack plane and winding sticks to systematically diagnose and eliminate a heavily twisted board with minimal wood removal.

Included in this Video:

  • How to diagnose the shape of the twist
  • How to use your winding sticks
  • How to remove the smallest amount of wood while taming the twist
  • Access to the School Community Forum and Tool Library Videos

winding sticks
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