The Jack Plane as Your Only Plane

JackPlanesThe Stanley #5 plane is colloquially called the Jack plane because it is a competent plane for many different tasks. I have often stated that it can be the only plane you use and this fact is a great solace for those just starting out with hand tools. Just one plane to buy and figure out takes a lot of stress out of the equation and quickly gets you working wood.

In this 50 minute video, (edited from a live Apprentice Session) I show how specifically a Bevel Up Jack plane (but a regular Jack works too) can be used to take a rough sawn board all the way to sparkling smooth finish ready surface.

Included in this Video:

jack plane camber

  • How to set up and use the plane
  • How additional blades can extend the use of the plane
  • How to sharpen those additional blades
  • How to Mill a board from rough sawn to finish ready
  • Plus you will gain access to the School Tool Library and the Community Forum

  • When you purchase you get an email with a link to download the video so you can save it and watch it offline as many times as you want.