Semester 1: Hand Tool Fundamentals

Build Your Fundamental Hand Tool Skills

& Make Yourself a Better Woodworker

Semester 1 is an introductory hand tool woodworking online course and assumes no prior woodworking experience.  It will take a small kit of tools and walk the woodworker through all the fundamental skills to build furniture. Each lesson lays out a technique, provides practice exercises, then applies that technique in a simple shop project.

These projects require little wood and don’t have to be of museum quality. They are jigs and appliances that the hand tool woodworker will reach for time and again while working in the shop. Each lesson builds off the previous until the end of the semester when every small project and technique work together to build an heirloom tool cabinet to store all your new hand tools.

Two Payment Options Available

Enroll for $38/mo

get access to EVERYTHING in the school

Semester 1 $200

get just this Semester to download or watch online

I needed a structured program that would walk me through the process of learning hand tool woodworking from the very beginning at whatever pace I desired.  The Hand Tool School was a perfect match for what I needed.  It provides me a very detailed step by step curriculum with lessons that are thorough, detailed, and entertaining.  Plus they build on each other so you constantly have that skill reinforcement.

Bill K 
Member Since 2012

Work at Your Own Pace

What makes the lesson in The Hand Tool School so effective is that they never go away.  When you buy a semester you have lifetime access to the material.  No need to worry about cramming in all the content before access goes away or how much it will cost you in monthly fees to get through all the material.  And there is A LOT of material in Semester 1.  

Unlike brick and mortar classes, there is no start time and no need to take vacation time or travel to a location.  With The Hand Tool School you can work at 2 AM in your own shop, with your own tools, and stark naked!  I advise some protective footwear at least.

Lessons, Projects, & Tools

  • Lessons
  • Applied Projects
  • Final Project
  • Tool List

Semester 1 Tool Kit

A basic set of tools is needed for all the lessons and projects in Semester 1.  This simple and compact kit will get you started in a big way!

The Minimalist Tool Kit

Tools can be expensive so starting with this much smaller kit can help you avoid breaking the bank and build skills with utility function tools.

semester 1 tools
minimalist tool kit

An Unmatched Learning Experience

I firmly believe that if you follow each lesson, do the practice exercises, and build the projects you will be a better woodworker at the end of it.  I think that dedicating 4-6 months to get through all the lessons and projects is a reasonable goal as well.​  

​Of course I'll be here every step of the way answering your questions.  Ask any of my students, I'm always ready to help.

Shannon Rogers is a dedicated and caring woodworking instructor who is invested in growing the craft and his students.  

When I was looking to buy a couple handsaws online, I asked Shannon for advice.  He was extremely knowledgeable about the vintage saws in question, but also took the time to look at the listing and provide me extensive and insightful comments in a timely fashion.  He even sent me a piece of 16/4 Cherry from his own stash when I made a mistake building my workbench!!  

He cares deeply about his students and building a supportive community.  If you are just starting out, or a seasoned hand tool woodworker, Shannon has something to offer.  I recommend the Hand Tool School without reservation!

Jim Meltsner 
Member Since 2013

With quick responses via forum posts, emails, and even the occasional video to directly address student questions and problems, Shannon makes the learning process personal.  It's the closest thing to private instruction in a digital format!​ 

Cliff McMann 
Member Since 2014

But there is also a community of your peers waiting for you to share your triumphs, project pictures, and to help you when you have troubles.  If you are struggling with a technique or  project, many of them are building the same thing or have already built it and can offer advice.

If you can find a 4-6 month woodworking class that covers this much information and helps you apply those skills for less than $200, then jump on it and let me know how it goes.