Semester 6: Build a Bedroom Suite

4 post queen bed
Curly Cherry Blanket Chest
chippendale wall mirror

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Build an Entire Guest Bedroom Suite

Last year the membership voted and decided that we would build a guest bedroom suite. I say specifically a “guest” bedroom suite because typically this does not include a chest of drawers. Those can be a major project with a lot of lumber and parts and from a time perspective and financial perspective it isn’t feasible to add that into the mix. So we will cover the other elements of the guest bedroom.

Before I joined The Hand Tool School, I was confused and overwhelmed with all the free woodworking material online.  I needed a structured program that would walk me through the process of building something by hand from the very beginning at whatever pace I desired.  The Hand Tool School provides me a very detailed step-by-step curriculum.  The projects draw on skills taught in the lessons and are detailed and entertaining.  But in addition to the great video instruction, Shannon and School community are always available to answer any questions I have.  It is a perfect match for what I needed.

Bill K 
Member Since 2014

Work at Your Own Pace

What makes the lesson in The Hand Tool School so effective is that they never go away.  When you buy a semester you have lifetime access to the material.  No need to worry about cramming in all the content before access goes away or how much it will cost you in monthly fees to get through all the material.  And there is A LOT of material in Semester 6.  

I also up the ante on the project format with even more detail in a quick and easy chapter format making it easy to build along and reference exactly the video you need.  Finally I include an in depth "Process Document" with each build that is similar to a magazine format giving details on every step that you can take to the shop as use as your build companion.

Projects & Tools

  • Low Post Bed
  • Blanket Chest
  • Wall Mirror
  • Side Table
  • Tool List

Chippendale Wall Mirror

What guest room isn’t complete with a mirror for your guest to use to ensure they are pretty each morning. Since my first visit to Colonial Williamsburg I have wanted to build one of these mirrors. Some are quite large and others really small. My design will settle somewhere in the middle so it doesn’t make too strong a statement in the room. Using very little stock, a mirror is a great opportunity to practice mortise and tenon joinery and air tight miter joints. I’ll throw in some delicate curves and fretwork detail and some creative moulding work just for fun. A mirror in any colonial room would have shown great wealth and often the frame would be very ornate. This style comes directly from Southern Colonial America.

An Unmatched Learning Experience

I firmly believe that if you follow each lesson, do the practice exercises, and build the projects you will be a better woodworker at the end of it.  I think that dedicating 4-6 months to get through all the lessons and projects is a reasonable goal as well.​  

​Of course I'll be here every step of the way answering your questions.  Ask any of my students, I'm always ready to help.

What I appreciate most is Shannon's humble approach and the community he has created.  He uses his mistakes as lessons in learning.  Shannon willingly asks for feedback, always responds thoughtfully to our questions, and supports us through out struggles.  I really feel like I'm part of a special group.

I knew I was among friends when I watched Shannon build a table while wearing a "Steal Your Face" Grateful Dead t-shirt.  So happy to be a part of this school!​

Dave O 
Member Since 2014

But there is also a community of your peers waiting for you to share your triumphs, project pictures, and to help you when you have troubles.  If you are struggling with a technique or  project, many of them are building the same thing or have already built it and can offer advice.